Legitimate Interests

We may process your personal data for the purposes of our legitimate interests, provided that these do not infringe on your rights or interests as a data subject. For any uses we justify on the basis of legitimate interest, you have the right to opt out of such processing by contacting us. Our use of data for our legitimate interests includes:

  • Improving our services
  • Direct marketing and advertising
  • Personalising your Donr experience
  • Sending you communications

Improving our services

In order to improve the services that we provide, and to better understand our users and charity and advocacy group partners, we sometimes use aggregated data and personal data about you and your use of our services. We may also send you surveys in relation to our services, but these will always be voluntary. These activities are necessary to allow us to continue improving and developing our services, including our website and donation/payment technology.

Direct marketing and Advertising

We may use your data to send you marketing communications by email or SMS text message. This is necessary for our commercial interests and may allow us to expand our base of charity and advocacy partners and users.

We also use the data of our charity or advocacy group partners that have a business relationship with us to help us improve the marketing communications we send to other organisations about our services.

Personalising your Donr experience

When you use our website and services, we may analyse your activity and information in order to tailor our service and communications to you. We may also use analytics and information about your use of the services in order to tailor communications we send to other user of the services.

The ability to personalise our users experience of the services is necessary for our commercial interest in maximising donations to charities and advocacy groups which use our services.

Sending you communications

We send important notifications, like outage or security concern alert emails, to all users. Donr has a legitimate commercial interest in sending these notifications to keep you informed about issues that could affect your experience with our services.

We also send our charity or advocacy group partners communications related to their Crowdfunding Pages, like campaign progress and donation notifications. These communications are necessary for our interest in maximizing our charity or advocacy group partners ability to reach their crowdfunding targets.

Where you have donated to a charity or advocacy group partner, we may send you communications related to the charity or advocacy group, like updates on the crowdfunding campaign or related to the work of the charity or advocacy group partner.

These communications are necessary for our interest in keeping you informed about the pages you donate to and giving you the best donation experience possible.

Donr has conducted a legitimate interest assessment for each of the above purposes in order to ensure that the processing of data does not infringe upon your rights or interests. Donr has a formal data governance programme and employs appropriate, robust security measures, in order to protect your privacy.