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About The Big Issue Foundation

The Big Issue Foundation is an independently registered charity working alongside The Big Issue magazine.

All our beneficiaries are Big Issue vendors that buy magazines for £1.25 with their own money from official distribution points and sell them for £2.50 on a designated pitch.

We work to connect Big Issue vendors to the vital support and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives. We provide support in areas such as finance, health and accommodation, training and employment.

The Big Issue Foundation is registered in England and Wales (Charity No. 1049077). Find out more at:


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Bill Webb knows what it feels like to overcome obstacles.

Just a few of years ago, Bill had spent six months living in a cave, before walking along the south coast with his beloved dog Chloe.

© The Big Issue Foundation

But after being persuaded to sell The Big Issue by another vendor, everything changed for Bill.

The Big Issue Foundation were able to assess both Bill and Chloe, helping to get them the medical attention they needed.

© The Big Issue Foundation

The Foundation also helped Bill to move into a local authority flat at a rent which he can afford.

Bill went on to sell the magazine and advocate on behalf of the Foundation for 6 years, before landing a job as a brewery tour guide in 2018.

© The Big Issue Foundation

Your donations help provide a hand up to more people like Bill.

Please give what you can, and we'll continue to give the tools needed to individuals to help make a positive impact in their lives. Thank you.